Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Makes You Smile from Ear to Ear?

Is that kid beautiful or what?

The smile on my face is as wide and full as his. I'm talking about a picture of my six-month-old grandson. Every time I look at that kid I am filled with awe and wonder. Why is this kid so special? Because he is connected at the deepest level to who I am. He is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. He is part of my legacy-all that I am, all that I believe in, and all that's really important to me. His name is Greysen Gabriel Mayes.

It is natural for us to feel this way about our offspring. But this kind of deep and abiding connection is not limited to our heirs alone. We can have a similar sense of pride and commitment around our values, causes, or our life work if it is deeply connected to who we are at our core. In the movie City Slickers, Curley, played by a well weathered Jack Palance, talks about finding that one thing. What is that one thing for you-that all-consuming cause or purpose that makes you smile from ear to ear? Finding that thing and investing your heart soul and mind in it is your most important job on this earth. You will not only serve yourself well you will serve the rest of humanity by being true to that one thing.

What is your one thing?

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