Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creating Personal Intelligence Series Overview

Cre·at·ing                To cause to exist; bring into being.
Per·son·al              Concerning a particular person and his or her private business, interests, or activities.
In·tel·li·gence     a. The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. b. The faculty of thought and reason.                                                                                     c. Superior powers of mind.

The CPI Core Curriculum
Strategic Intelligence  The first session lays a foundation by helping you clarify what is really important to you.  To truly be successful you must work from the inside out.  This session will he clarify your mission and help you get on the road to becoming a success in every area of your life.
In this session you will learn:
·         Why values are important
·         To clarify what is most important to you
·         The difference between internal and external motivation
·         How to tap into unstoppable motivation and energy
·         Why diversity is so important
·         How to make a significant contribution to your organization
·         The foundations of a happy, whole, and healthy life
·         The art of staying focused and on track
·         How to maximize your own potential
·         How to be personally more effective
·         To use Emotional Intelligence to connect with other people

Unique Intelligence  Building on the foundation laid in the first session, this session helps you discover how you are uniquely gifted and wired.  We focus on strategies to help you spend the bulk your time functioning in the zone or your own unique sweet spot.
In this session you will learn to:
·         Be highly effective
·         Stay energized
·         Harness your natural talents and abilities
·         How to make a significant contribution to your organization
·         Create world class teamwork
·         Differentiate yourself and your organization
·         Provide maximum value

Systematic Intelligence  Successful people focus on managing energy, not time.  Recent studies show that 95% of what we do is subconsciously encoded in a complex system of rituals or habits.  Learn how to reprogram your auto-pilot system to achieve maximum results.

In this session you will learn to:
·         Create energy
·         Be healthier
·         Expand your mind
·         Grow your Emotional Intelligence
·         Make a greater contribution
·         Establish positive rituals that reinforce a healthy life
·         Free up your mind so that you can be creative
·         Eliminate destructive behavior
·         Move from time management to energy management

Organizational Intelligence 
No matter what you have determined as your professional goals, all high achievers share one commonality—they are organized in a way which keeps them on task and focused.  This workshop focuses on getting your external world organized in a systematic way so that you can stay focused on what is most important to you and ultimately get where you want to go.
In this session you will learn to:
·         Use tools and techniques to organize your life
·         Free up the "RAM" in your mental processor so that you can work faster
·         Make the best use of your own Emotional Intelligence
·         Get more done in less time
·         Prioritize tasks and manage time
·         Work more efficiently
·         Clean up messes in your life

People Intelligence  It has been said that no man is an island.  Being able to effectively deal with other people is one of the true cornerstones of success.  Learn how you can empower others, achieve more, and find real happiness.
In this session you will learn to:
·         Look beyond mechanical models to explain human behavior
·         Understand that all decisions are emotionally based
·         Build higher quality relationships
·         Establish trust
·         Create a relational support network
·         Value others and respect yourself
·         Understand core fears and the role they play in undermining your success
·         Appreciate the value of community
·         Take personal responsibility and utilize the "Proactive Model"
·         See how fear keeps us from hearing what others are saying
·         The difference between satisfiers and dissatisfiers
·         Be happier and healthier

Communication Intelligence  It is estimated that 90% of the differences between people are really communication issues.  This session focuses on how to effectively express yourself and understand others.
In this session you will learn:
·         Communication is a two way process
·         The actual words we use are not as important as non-verbal clues
·         How you can adopt a no-loser policy
·         The role self-worth plays in our ability to hear
·         To take personal responsibility.
·         How to create a safe environment.
·         About keeping your batteries charged.
·         How to listen with the heart.
·         About the "Us" concept
·         To understand the importance of perspective
·         How to actively listen
·         To use relational communication to improve your quality of life
·         How to ask meaningful questions that enhance communication

Marketing Intelligence  Even if you have a better the mouse trap, the world won't beat a path to your door step if they don’t' know about it.  Effective marketing is about matching your goods and services with needs of your customers.  Learn how to effectively market yourself, your products, your services, and your company.
In this session you will learn to:
·         Create a Unique Selling Proposition
·         Define market value
·         Be referable
·         Get paid what you are worth
·         Differentiate you and your products
·         Pinpoint your customers unmet needs and wants
·         Effectively communicate your value
·         Understand why people will or will not buy your goods & services
·         Make your products and service solutions to your customer's problems
·         Utilize the three things that gets people attention to write advertising copy
·         See why for most businesses mass media advertising is a waste of money
·         Define your target market
·         Be creative and innovative
·         Understand why people buy

Creative Intelligence  Creativity and innovation are the keys to exponential gains in the new global economy.  Creativity is an innate trait of all humans.  Learn how you can maximize your creativity and at the same time experience personal and professional renewal.  
In this session you will learn to:
·         Understand the Dynamic Innovation Model
·         Harness your own natural creativity
·         Develop new ways of looking at old problems
·         Effectively use brainstorming
·         Use the "reframing" technique to see situations in a new way
·         Become an "Innovation Champion"
·         Develop social networks
·         Get great ideas from other industries
·         Stay ahead of the technology curve
·         Use your whole mind
·         Understand why traditional jobs like accounting and engineering are disappearing
·         How to not get outsourced

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