Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Success Coach Network Keynote Speaking & Training

 Creativity and innovation are the keys to exponential gains in the new global economy.  Creativity is an innate trait of all humans.  Learn how you can maximize your creativity and at the same time experience personal and professional renewal.  
In this session you will learn to:
·         Understand the Dynamic Innovation Model
·         Harness your own natural creativity
·         Develop new ways of looking at old problems
·         Effectively use brainstorming
·         Use the "reframing" technique to see situations in a new way
·         Become an "Innovation Champion"
·         Develop social networks
·         Get great ideas from other industries
·         Stay ahead of the technology curve
·         Use your whole mind
·         Understand why traditional jobs like accounting and engineering are disappearing
·         How to not get outsourced

Perpetual Motivation
How To Be Successful Without Ever Having To Work Another Day In Your Life!
In this session you will learn how to:
  • Create an empowering work environment
  • Break out of old, limiting ways of thinking
  • How to truly be successful
  • Release the untapped potential in yourself and others
  • Use your own natural talents, abilities, and interests to differentiate your self from your competitors
  • Become more confident
  • Delegate more effectively
  • Understand how to set more effective goals
  • Block out distractions
  • Live the life of your dreams
The Coaching Paradigm
A New Model for Human Productivity
Learn how to dramatically improve human performance and maximize results through effective coaching principles and techniques.
Learning Objectives:
·         Understand the fundamentals of coaching
·         Get complete buy-in from your staff
·         Learn how to ask powerful questions
·         Create effective accountability
·         Stimulate creativity and innovation
·         Unleash and empower people in your organization
Organizational Intelligence
Life Management for the 21st Century
Are you feeling pulled in a 100 different directions?  How do you get it all done without going crazy in the process? Constant overload is the new normal. In this session you will learn how to take control of your work and life and live life on your own terms.
In this session you will learn to:
·      Work smarter not just harder
·      Maximize your potential
·      Get paid for what you do best
·      Reclaim your life
·      Experience breakthrough thinking & innovations
·      Create energy
·      Be healthier

 This is Not Your Father’s Workforce
Bridging the Generational Gap between Baby Boomers and a the Evolving Workforce
In this session you will learn to:
·         Understand the events that shaped each generations thinking
·         Understand the value that each generation brings to the table
·         Create a powerful, motivated, intergenerational work force
·         Have a line of high quality employees wanting to be on your team
·         Establish an on-going competitive advantage
·         Lower turn-over
·         Give people what they ultimately want
·         Increase bottom line profits

Natural Leadership-Living Life on Purpose
Few would argue with the notion that leadership is a crucial component in organizational success. Yet we spend so little time developing this valuable resource.  In this session you will learn how to tap into the natural leadership abilities that are already resident in your people and is eagerly waiting to be tapped.  Doing so will be a gift to both your organization and your people.
In this session you will learn to:
·         How to tap into a unlimited supply of leadership talent
·         Understand why people follow a leader
·         Explore a new paradigm for success & leadership
·         Help you pinpoint how you lead best
·         Discuss how you can bring your “A” game everyday
·         Change your organization and the world

People-Centric Management
How To Motivate Your Staff and Tap Into Their Full Potential
Believe it or not, right now, you already have most of the pieces you need to take your company to the next level and beyond. If you are like most executives, you are sitting on untapped talents, skills, and leadership abilities waiting to come to life. Imagine an organization full of people using their strengths to develop new opportunities, drive continuous improvement, and produce great results. Tapping into your peoples natural talents skills and abilities is the best way to motivate your people and create an ongoing competitive advantage for your organization.
In this session you will learn to:
·         Creates employee ownership and engagement
·         Unleashes the skills, leadership and passion bottled up in your people
·         Sparks and increase in productivity and profitability
·         Establishes a process for continuous improvement
·         Helps your organization dynamically adapt to change

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